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Based on our experience we have compiled a list of the most popular questions we get asked by contractors. If you can’t find an answer please use the ‘Ask a Question’ form or of course call us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why haven’t I been paid yet?

When using an Umbrella service, unlike PAYE, your payments are allocated manually.

This means that when your agency sends the payment to us we have to manually allocate the payments based on remittance advices sent to us by your agency (this is because most agencies send a bulk payment for multiple contractors which needs to be broken down).

Once the remittance advice and payment has been matched up, your payment will be entered onto a payfile and paid to you usually within an hour of being received.

Some agencies send their remittances late in the day which means that we can’t pay you until then. We do however have a same day payment guarantee meaning that as long as your agency has sent both the payment and remittance advice before 7pm, you will be paid on the same day up to 10pm. Most payments are sent much earlier than this though.

Can I use your service for payment from multiple agencies?

Of course you can, it is actually more tax efficient if you work for multiple agencies to have these payments paid under one Umbrella.

All you need to do is contact your account manager and provide details of the agencies you work for.

What are your fees?

Our fees are wrapped up in the non retained element of your pay. After you have been paid, the funds that you don’t receive cover your Tax/N.I contributions, processing fee, Insurances, Private Health cover and legal support.

What happens if I want to apply for a mortgage/loan?

As your contracted salary may be low, this means that a high street lender would only take into account the amount on your payslip.

There are two options to assist with this however.

Firstly you can discuss with your account manager the options of increasing your salary payments (this can not be done retrospectively however), or secondly we can put you in touch with a leading contractor mortgage specialist that has a high success rate of obtaining mortgages based on your gross (before tax) contract value.

Why do I receive two payments?

Your contract of employment specifies that you will receive a lower salary payment, so you receive a salary payment to reflect this and a secondary payment. Full details of this can be discussed with your account manager if you do not understand the process.

Is your service fully compliant?

We only use the highest level QC/Barrister legal opinion and our services are reviewed constantly to give you comfort that we adhere to the current and future legislation in a constantly evolving industry.

Whenever legislation changes are introduced you can be assured that we have you covered and you remain compliant.